Restful api interface is always the problems through the produce development. We need to cause a lof of time to develop the serve even the project you develop is just a small program. If we have a tool which could auto generate restful api interface, the project we could focus the functions we want to achieve. So all the time, i have been thinking how to make it possible.

There are many projects which are similar to my thought, but some functions of them are not have. And the most important is that the most of them are not developed by java language.

But java language is a stronge type language, the variable, function, object and etc we use is must to declare. From this point, there is some diffcults we must to slove before developing the program.

there are some basic question we need to answer as follows.

How to automatic construct the sql by database.

How to create api route automatic.

How to access a original object.